Italy: Airport employee abuses computer systems for ETH mining

An Italian airport employee used his employer’s computer systems to secretly mine cryptocurrencies.

An Italian airport employee is said to have misused the computer systems at his workplace to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum ( ETH )

According to a report by the Italian news channel Rai News , the man who works at the airport in the Italian city of Lamezia Terme is said to have fed mining malware onto the airport’s computer systems, and several mining rigs are said to have run over the airport’s systems be what was only noticed by surveillance cameras.

The IT service provider Sacal Global Solutions is responsible for the computer systems of all airports in the Italian region of Calabria. Accordingly, the 41-year-old airport employee is said to have hooked up to Sacal’s systems in order to be able to install the relevant mining malware.

However, this process is said to have created a considerable security risk, as the media report says

“In cooperation with the airport administration, the investigators examined the IT network and found a veritable“ mining farm ”in two server rooms that was connected to the external internet via systems used to manage the airport. In addition, the airport’s power supply was used for this, ”as Rai News explains. And further:

“The investigation, coordinated by the Lamezia Terme Public Prosecutor’s Office, relied on technical procedures that made it possible to trace the IP addresses of the machines used in order to find out where the ‚Ethermine pool‘ (the one used for mining the cryptocurrency Ethereum was used) is located on the airport system. “

The use of mining malware is not uncommon. During the great crypto hype of early 2018, this type of malware is said to have plagued almost 55% of all companies around the world .